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Celebrating the International Day of Social Educators

On October 2nd we are, for the 2nd time, celebrating the International Day of Social Educators


Anonymous said...

Dear collegues

These days we are preparing celebrating the international day of social educators. And thats what we are doing in Denmark:
-We will send a letter with the Copenhagen declaration to our minister of Social affairs.
-A new number of our member magazine will be published 2. october and there will be several artickles about the day
-We send out a letter to 1200 local employee representative (social educators) around in Denmark and call for their participating by taking part in the discussion with the local authorities/politicians. We have a election this november to our municipalities and we want the politicians to remember social educators and the people we work with.
-We ask our 10 local offices in the danish federation for social educators to promote the day on the different work place around in Denmark.

Please tell us about your activities.

best regards
Benny Andersen
Aieji said...

The company of theatre Factory The Sanchez is of tour along Spain with his spectacle " Social Educator in Alaska ". The work is translated into the English.

Anonymous said...

Igor Lipsky, board member in Aieji, wrote this to me. On the 2. october Russian Social University organizes a round table discussion dedicatet the International day of Social pedagoges. The Russian unionen for Social pedagoges are in process of preparing invitations for all regions of Russia.
The Russian unionen for Social pedagoges har already sent the Copenhagen declaration to the president of Russia, to the prime minister, to the minister of health an social development, the chairman of the senate, the chairman of the Duma, the president of The Russian acedemy of education and the chairman of the national charity fund.

Good work Russia And thank you Igor.

Paola said...

Hi everyone, in Italy we sent the letter to the President of Republic, the Ministries of Weelfare, Health and Education and to every national and regional organization and istitution important for social educators. As you know, in Italy the profession is recognized only in Health Area as EDUCATORE PROFESSIONALE and is not more recognized in Social Field....This why in Social Field are not professionals recognized at all. ANEP, the National Association of Social Educator, is hardly involved and fight for the full recognization of our profession both in social and helth field. Stay in contact, we need help from all european and international educators!
Paola Scarpa and Marco Corrente - ANEP International relationships and members of Executive Board of AIEJI

Paola said...

You can read and download the letter ANEP sent to most of Italian Istitutions and Organizations in Social area, translated in italian and adapted to italian sistuation for social educators. Click on

Benny Andersen said...

In Chile they celebrate the 2. october:

On the other hand, for the october 2th we organize the difusion of the
letter and the declaration of Copenhague to our colleages and political
autorities (President, parliament and political parties, ngo's and
communityt). Also Copeso in their internet page inclued the difusion of
this celebration.

Greetings and make it a great day for us all


Siv Karin Kjollmoen said...

They are celebrating in NORWAY:

Celebrates the subject
Today 2 October marked the International Day for social welfare. Norwegian protective caregivers and child welfare use day to promote their expertise.

Social pedagogue would like to contribute to social equality in society, "according to a letter today sent to the organizations and political environments.

- For us, protection nurses does it mean to give the retarded social capital and the work that they can actively participate in the community, "said Siv Karing Kjøllmoen, 1 Deputy Chairman of the PHO.

- Child Teachers work mainly with people, especially children, who comes badly out of the living conditions statistics. To give them opportunities and helping them to live a good and worthy life is about social equality, states 2 Deputy Kjetil A Östling.


He emphasizes the social responsibility that educators have in society. They will speak on behalf of people in difficult life situations and exert pressure on politicians who make decisions affecting children and young people's growth conditions.

Social Pedagog is a separate title in some other countries. Not so in Norway. There are approximately 15 000 nurses and protective child welfare who, through their PHO membership, also is a member of the international organization for social welfare (AIEJI).

Visible Do

Siv Karin Kjøllmoen of the board in AIEJI, who two years ago adopted 2 October as their international day. She said that the commemoration of the day so far has not found his form. Most importantly, according Kjøllmoen, making visible the social educational work.

While the traditional social worker visit people at certain venues or accepting them in the office, involves social pedagogical work to work with the user of services around the clock, 356 days a year, in all arenas, "explains Kjøllmoen.

Social pedagogy is very much about facilitating environment for growth and learning, complementing Östling.

Global Declaration

The letter sent out on the occasion of the day, points out that the financial crisis affects vulnerable groups particularly hard. "As social welfare, we will put pressure on national governments and international organizations and demand that they take care of those most seriously affected by the crisis", said the letter.

The content is based on a global declaration, utmeislet on social educators world congress in Copenhagen in the spring and supported by 44 countries.

- We want to start a raising awareness about our professions and our expertise. This is a cautious start to begin to mark this day. So we will look at how we can possibly extend the celebration next year, says Östling.

Walid said...

From - Palestine

1-We will organize tomorrow workshop and press release on the occasion of
Social Educators National day 2 of Oct
2- We will send to you the photos and report about all activities.
all the best

Carlos Charrúa said...

Nosotros preparamos con retraso el Día Mundial de la Educación Social pero nuestra idea es simple y ha funcionado otros años, traer un ponente de prestigio que "nos ilumine" en relación al futuro de esta ilusionante profesión. Otro mundo es posible.

Pedro C. Martínez
E.U. Educación Social (Univ. de Oviedo) Spain